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I’ve found an advertising agency’s website:

This site is aimed at companys and corporations who need brand advertising or want to acquaint a quite broad public. Although it’s important to remember that this agency has a huge success in web site advertising so their services will be used eventually by companys interested to attract possible future clients who are in contact with internet. Risdall is a quite big agency what means that the clients might agree an important budget to be aimed at advertising.

Companys interested in advertising, marketing and/or management services can find, in first place, all kind of information to contact them (maps, phone and fax numbers, directions…). In second place, the agency informs about his areas of expertise which is very usefull considering the company’s area of expertise itself. Finally and most important, the client can find an extensive and detailed list of the offered services and their work policy that confers to the client a security feeling in the agency.

Risdall agency website is a fun, easy and modern site who attract the viewer attention immediately. And what’s more this site contains information about their services (advertising, marketing and management mainly), about their staff and how they work. It also informs about whose, how, when and where the agency was created. The website also have some examples of advetising campaigns they’ve made and they praise their success announcing the awards they won. To sum up, this site offers a complete and extend information of who they are, what they do and how they do it.

I must admit that I’m surprised by this website in many ways. Firstly the design of the whole site is very trendy and young. Secondly, I found it extremely complete, with all kind of information. As well it includes a virtual tour of the agency. But the thing which suprise me the most was the expressions and word they use as “secret formula”, this sentence attract any attention immediately what proves that they know how to do their job. In the home page they start saying: “ So you think an ad agency can solve your problems. Maybe. Maybe not.” This honesty isn’t typical from an advertising agency! But later they include an important fact: their objectives are: having fun (typical in companys created by young people), making money and making money for their clients. They add that if they can’t accomplish the two first objectives they can’t accomplish the third, which is true. And advertising agency telling the truth? How awful!

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