website advertising.88

1.What is the URL (website address)

2.Who is the site aimed at?

This site is aimed to the buying renting and selling of properties.

3.What can they do there?

In you announce your property and people who are looking for a house, office, apartment, etc saw your property and call you if they like it.

4.What type of content does it contain?

On this web site as I`ve said is for buying, selling and renting of properties.

If you want to sell your property tou announce it at the site and if someone is interested on it, he will call you.

In the other hand if you want to buy or rent a property, you can go to the site and look what they have and if you like something call the propietor.

5.Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

There is anything surprising/especially at the page.

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