Ucla 1

1) The URL is : adidas.com/original

2) This site is aimed at upper-middle class teenagers and young adults.

3) First of all they can see the products' catalog and their description. They can find where shops are placed and of course after registering themselves, they can buy any of the products.

4) It contains different sections where you can find all adidas articles divided in several ways, depending on the sport, the style, and sex of the customer.

5) I found most surprising and most interesting the video showed on TV to promote this advertising campaign. With the excuse of celebrating their 60 anniversary, adidas organizes a party inviting the latest celebrities like David Beckam, Katie Perry, Kevin Garnett and many others in the sport, music and fashion world.To create this successful campaign and improve their brand awareness, adidas has invested a huge amount of money. It has been mentioned that it´s the most expensive advertising campaign ever.

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