This text, talk us about a new problem in companies, which is….Facebook! This shocking statement is described in the text, with the most important air company; British Airways, and other companies such as Virgin Atlantic.
Those companies have a problem, they are not taking care about what their employees do in social networks such as, Facebook and MySpace. Companies are using this networks as publicity, and to get their messages to a broader audience, however, social networks are carrying them just problems. Some of their employees, have posted derogatory comments about Virgin and British Airways safety standards,about the smell of their passengers and many other derogatory things. Because of this, they have been fired of the crew.This is not just a problem for them, it is a horrible problem for the public-relation team of the companies, which may lead them to educate their crew into a better way.
In short, this companies should reframe itselfs and enhace the education of its crew, because if not, they are going to loose customers.

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