This text talks about the relation between the capital of the investors and what the companies do with that capital.
First of all,it tells us about shares and why is it important for the investor.It is important because it makes the investor part of the company and the option to be at the annual general meeting.
Secondly,describes what the assets are for the company,cash-in-hand,property,company stock or raw materials and work in hand less its liabilities.
Thirdly,it tlaks about the nominal value of almost every share.The total value of the nominal of all the shares is the issued share capital of the company,also known as its equity or stock.There are also some non-voting shares which are no more popular because it wont let the investor take part of the company´s strategy.
In addition, it tells us about the effects of the dividends for the shareholders.The company will pay part of its profits to the shareholders and with the other it is focus on the growth of the company.The number of times that the company could have paid the dividend its called the cover of the dividend.
More over,they divided the earnings by the number of shares and they obtain the earnings per share,the objective is to know how many years will be needed to pay for the share.If the earnings are not being paid as dividends then more years will be needed to pay the share.
Finally,it talks about the yield,a measure of the company performance.It is a net percentage of the current share price.This measure it´s different in many countries,usually bellow the interest rate.Risk entitles will give more return than safe investments,the fact that it´s risky is what makes the difference.

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