Share: the shareholder receives a dividend, a vote and a participation in the company’s assets.
Assets: all the raw materials, work-in-hand, cash stocks…not liabilities.
Nominal share value: it is the value of the share of a company, and represents the value of its assets. Money can be earned or lost in the stock-market, by selling these share at a different price, There are other type of share, non-voting shares, its owners can not vote if they own them, they are becoming unpopular, voting shares are more common.
The dividend and its cover: the dividend is the part that the company pays to the share holders when it makes profits; the other part of the profit is kept for the company to guarantee its growth. The cover is the number of times that dividend could have been paid.
P/E Ratio: it shows how many years of earnings per share at the present price of it will be necessary to pay for the share. But not all the earnings are paid as dividends.
The yield: it shows the present price of a share of a company as a percentage. It can be different depending on the country. The yield is usually lower than the interest that you can receive in other investments as shares, which are much more risky.

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