The content of this website explains what a share is and all the company’s economic activities.
It explains that a share is a participation that an investor has in a company, which allows him or her to take part in the assets, in the property and for that he votes in the Annual General Meeting according to the proportion of his investment.
Most of the shares have a nominal value that originally represents the value of the assets of the company.
Shares are sold for a market value that represents both the value of the assets and its aptitude to generate wealth.
Also it makes clear that there are shares that do not have the right to vote. They have the advantages of others but the holder does not take part of the strategy of the company that remains in the founding family’s hands.
It adds that the dividend of the company is that proportion of the earnings that is destined to be paid to its shareholders and from which they obtained the benefits of the share.
The proportion measures the years that are needed to pay the price of the share.
Another important measure of the functioning of a company is its yield. The yield is a clear percentage of the current price of the shares and it is different in each country.

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