The summary made from the “what are shares?” found in the webpage is the following:

A share gives the investors a dividend of the profits, a property and a vote proportional to the size of this. Besides the assets comprise the company’s properties, it’s cash-in.hand and other goods. When the firm issue the shares (equities or stocks), these are part of the company´s asssets that could be changing with the time.
There are two tipes of stocks : some that permit you to vote in the annual general meeting and some others called non-voting shares (suffix “A”) that were created to keep the control of the firm in the founding family. However the last one are old fashion and less expensive. Normally part of the company´s earnings are destinated to pay the shareholders (dividend). The P/E indicates the years necesary to recoup the price paid for each stock and could be more years than what we first thought, and also we could sell them in the market if we feel like it. To end, the yield is a net percentage of the current share price, different for each country and that influence the invest decision.

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