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Shares: a share is an aliquot part of the share capital of a joint-stock company. It represents the property that a person has of a part of this society. Normally, except exceptions, the shares are transmissible freely and grant economic and political rights to his holder (shareholder).

Nominal share value: The nominal value of a share is an arbitrary value allotted to that unit. When considering shares, it is usually the market value and not the nominal or book amount which investors and other stakeholders are interested in.

The dividend and its cover: Quota that, when earnings distribute a mercantile company, corresponds to every share.
Each of the partial quantities that there promises to satisfy the underwriter of an share or obligation to requirement of the issuing entity.

Price yield: The price-yield curve relates the annual yield on a coupon bond to its price. Coupon payments are a fixed percentage of the face value of a bond and are typically paid semi-annually. At maturity, the holder of a bond receives the last coupon payment, in addition to the face value. The price is quoted as a percentage of the face value.

P/E ratio: It is a ratio of the appraisal of price of current share of a company compared to his earnings for share.

The yield: Set of operations that serve to improve and to increase the usefulness or the value of the goods.
Activity by means of which certain goods transform in others of major usefulness.
It is considered to be one of the principal economic processes, I happen for which the human work creates wealth.

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