-The shares of a company are also known as its equity or stock. A stake in the company's assets and property and a vote, proportional to the size of the investor's holding, in the company's business at its annual general meeting.The shares were once sold at a market value which represented both the worth of the assets and their ability to make money.Also gives to the most importantly investor a share in its dividend which is declared once or twice a year.

-There also are some non-voting shares for some companies, the shares usually being called by the suffix A. These shares normally enjoy most of the benefits of other shares, but the holder has no vote in the company's strategy.The dividend of the company is a proportion of its profits paid to its owners, the shareholders.

-The company's profits are called as its earnings. When the earnings are divided by the number of shares in existence, we have the 'earnings per share' but whe have to remember that not all of the earnings are paid as dividend. Another important measure of a company's performance is its yield. the yield is expressed by net percent.The yields in USA country are usually lower than the interest .

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