The text named “What are shares?” explains shares, yield and other financial concepts.
A share gives its owner certain rights: dividends,a stake in the company’s property,voting at the AGM.
The nominal share value repesent a part of the share capital, which is divided into all the shares.Some shares are non-voting, and although they keep most rights, they do not have the vote.This can be really valuable as it is the way to control a company.
Dividends are the sum of money shareholders receive annually in proportion of the number of shares.Not all the profit is destined to the dividend, sometimes it stays in the company.
The assets are everything a company owns:cash,property,stocks minus its liabilities.
The P/E ratio measures how much time you need to get back the value of a share.¨Earnings per share (eps)¨is also a ratio obtained by dividing the earnings of the company and the number of shares.
The yield is an important number to know how well/bad is going the company.It is usually expressed as a net percentage of the share price.Normally yields are lower than the interest of other securities.

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