This text talks about different definitions in the economic world. In some of them, I noticed some examples that help us to understand the terms. In the following text I shall explain the mentioned:
§Shares: the part belonging to one of a number owning together property or interest. It also can be any of the equal portions in which property or invested capital is divided.
§Assets: the entire property of a company; I myself know that it can be as well the belongings of a person, association…
§In economics, nominal values are the face value of currency over long periods of time (years), whereas real values have been corrected for inflation. The nominal value represents the total capital of the company itself. There is a distinction between the holder and major investors. The holder has no vote in the business, in fact his attendance to the General Annual Meeting is not permitted; on the other hand, he receives benefits from shares. Major investors are the main participants in the business and they have control over stocks.
§Dividends are the part of the benefits that go to shareholders; the rest is dedicated to the growing economy of the business. The text explains the meaning of cover too. A cover is the number of times that benefits go to shareholders. There is an example of this.
§Ratio: It is relationship between years of earnings and the price of the share. In other words, how many years of earnings per share at the current share price would be needed to pay for the share.
§Yield: It is used as a macroeconomic term; it refers to the produce as return from an investment; furnish as profit or interest.

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