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The assets
In business and accounting, assets are everything of value that is owned by a person or company. It is a claim on the property your income of a borrower.

Nominal share value
Most shares have a nominal value (typically 25p, but often more or less), which originally represented the asset value of the company.
A 25p nominal share might once have been sold for one pound, reflecting the earnings potential of the company.
The total of the nominal sum of all the issued shares is the issued share capital of the company. The shares of a company are also known as its equity or stock.

Dividen and its cover
Dividend cover is the ratio of company's earnings (net income) over the dividend paid to shareholders, calculated as earnings per share divided by the dividend per share.[1] So, if a company has earnings per share of $10.00 and it pays out a dividend of $2.00, the dividend cover is 5.0x.

The dividen and its cover
The dividend of the company is that proportion of its profits paid to its owners, the shareholders.
The number of times that a company could have paid its net dividend is the cover of the dividend.

Price Yield
The cover for the dividend of Great Universal was 1.9. This was discovered from the appropriate entries in the Financial Times.

P/E Ratio
Is the company's profits are known as its earnings.

A rate of return based on what the holder earns with direct incomes on a financial instrument or security

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