This article from the website explains the some of the most important or principal terms of the bussines world.
The article begins with an introduction of shares and the rights of the investor which are the dividend he has to receive and the right of vote. The assets are another important concept in economy and comprises everything that a company owns.
Shares are sold with a nominal share value that represents a part of the company, including the “level” of rights the owner has inside the company. Even though there are a non-voting shares in few companies that accurate the same rights of any other share without the right of vote.
Another term that usually appears when we are talking about business is the dividend of the company.This dividend is a percentage of the profits that is paid to investors, and its cover is the number of times the company can paid the dividend.
One measure of the performance of the company is the P/E ratio.It is all the years of earnings per share (the earnings of the company in relation with the number of shares) that is needed to pay for the share.
And finally we found the company`s yield, which is a percentage of the share price, lower than the interest.

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