This text talks about, what are share?, we are going to summarize the mains concepts around it:
A share represents a part of the company's assets, it share gives the investor, shareholder, some right like having dividends (part of the company´s profits, paid up to 2 or 3 times per year), a stake in the company's assets and property and vote in the company´s strategy, except non –voting share what enjoy most of the benefits of other shares,
Shares have a nominal value that represented the asset value of the company. The shares were once sold at a market value which represented both the worth of the assets and their ability to make money; the ways to evaluate are thought ratios:
-P/E Ratio, measures time would be needed to pay for the share.
-Yield, net percentage of the current share price, acceptance of risk entitles the risk taker to a return.

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