A company can choose among different ways to promote itself and its products, these ways will depend on the type of public they are aiming to.
Promotion is a relevant and important factor in a company, in order to communicate with its potential customers. Companies must show all the advantages of their own products. To do that there are several options for advertising. One method we can use in order to classify them is according with the size of the target group:

-One- on- many: (mass market), this type of publicity includes for example: advertising, coupons, discounts, tv spots…
-One- on- few: it is aimed to very specific customers, the most relevant ones. An enterprise can organize different events like parties, prizes, institutional relations (IIRR)…
-One- on- one: this has been fostered through internet. Some of the ways that companies can use are for example, business to business (B to B), or social networks like Facebook.

Another important thing that the enterprise want to do through promotion , is that customers associate their products or brands with quality and prestige, so by this way the company could fix prices a little bit higher and people will still buying them.
I think there aren´t too many disadvantages in advertising. I only can point out in terms of disadvantage is its profitability in relation with the investment required. Each spot, event… has high costs, but I think that it is worth the effort because of the potential pay-back in sales increases.
To end, promotion is the key for many companies wich have been benefited by the advertising. It has a lot of relevance in most of companies.

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