The modern marketing needs something more than to develop a good product, to fix an attractive price and to put it within reach of their clients .They have to inform potential customers about their new products. In order to reach this objective, marketers decide about the most suitable way to promote their products and brands. These are the four principal promotional tools:

Advertising: Any form of presentation and promotion of ideas or services to convince the people to buy their products. The majority of the companies contract advertising agencies to sell their product and services with more facility. But on the other hand, the advertising has disadvantages. It costs a lot of money and it is necessary to renew the ideas in order that they do not become repetitive and the public does not get tired of them. This is why advertising is combined with other types of promoción.

Public relación:it supposes a favorable advertising and the creation of a positive image of company, But is not one of the promotional tools more used.

The promotion of sales: for example: coupons, discounts… are used to stimulate the consumers and the trade. The disadvantage is that the promotion of sales is more expensive than advertising. The promotion of sales have to be tried before applying and then evaluate the results.

Personal selling: although it is very expensive but helps cmpanies to sell their products and services. The sellers distribute the information, talk to clients and they help them with their needs and problems. The principal advantage is that the own clients give to the companies new design

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