What different ways can companies use to promote their products?
What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each?

Companies develop a lot of good products and services. They spend a lot of money in research and development trying to make their best in each product, making them accessible and useful to their customers. Is obvious that you need a good product to be sell, but it doesn’t mean that products will be sell by itself. This is why a big part of the budget of the companies are destined to the promotional area.

Without promoting is hard to sell the products. This is one of the main advantages of promoting, that helps to increase the sells of the product, making more profits and giving a well-known name to the company .In the other hand, the different ways to promote products are very expensive, they need to be very well planning and need a lot of employees, and not always promotion makes the expected effect.

Nowadays exits four main promotional tools, Advertising, public relations , sales promotion and personal selling. The advertising tool has different ways, probably the best one is word-of-mouth adverting. Also by different advertising media, like ads on television, in newspaper, magazines, radio etc. Public relations ; Pr, which most important element is publicity, information or stories in news medias, normally with more impact and believe than ads. Sales promotions, a way to stimulate customers about the product by tasting it, with free samples of the product or with coupons and price reductions. The sales will become earlier or stronger. Finally personal selling tool, the most expensive one. Normally is used to assist and give information to the customers.

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