Companies often use different techniques to promote their products, for example radio or TV advertisements, billboards, etc. The technique used to promote a product depends on some factor like the target market, the cost of the advertisement, or the objectives that the company wants to reach. Sometimes, companies promote their products without spending money on promote them, it is called “Publicity”. Other examples of promotion are coupons or free samples that give to the costumer an extra of the product to test it. But there are other ways of promotion different to the techniques before mentioned, for example the product’s guarantee and its special features.

The principal advantage of the first group techniques is that generally they are aimed to a huge part of the population and can attract new buyers, but its cost is very high. Sometimes this ads are aimed to a target part of the population (scientist, businessmen, etc.) and they appear only in some magazines or channels that are often visited by this sector.
The advantage of free samples and coupons is that they are aimed also to a specific costumer interested on the product. The costumer has the opportunity of try it and decide, but it promotion tool has also a big cost in a company’s budget. So the best, but not always the most effective techniques, are the promotion tools that ensure the old costumers and find new ones. These are promotion tools related with the trustfulness of the costumer (i.e. product’s guarantee).

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