There are many ways to promote a brand and a product:

The first one is advertising. There are lots of advertising medium such as: billboard, classifieds, commercials… The most important is: “word of mouth advertising” which is the most trusted source of information. It provides solid backing of how good your business is. But, to generate it, you would need a high quality product which is the hardest to achieve because of the expenses of Research & Development and the furious competition in the business world. The others are usually expensive. Radio advertisements are a profitable option. You can make them by your self using a special computer’s program and it is heart by thousands of people everyday.

In order to capture the customer’s attention you must give free samples to target customers. It is one of the best promotional methods (because when customers try your product could become a loyal customer) as well as the most costly. Smalls companies should give discounts or coupons instead.

Public Relations and personal selling are important too. Being recommended by your customers is a great and free form of trust and reliability of your great business. The website is one of the best ways to promote your personal brand in terms of cost and effectiveness because it could be free and nowadays everybody is connected by internet. Also: the slogan. It helps customers to remember and desire a brand or product. There are lots of advertising agencies that you can use. But choosing a good slogan is not an easy thing and it is expensive.

But, above all: making your product and brand unique, because they keep making people ask about it. That’s a lot of self promotion without a Euro. The problem is making the difference.

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