-Although the product is good, is very difficult to sell itself. Advertising and promotion are necessary.we should be thinking about how to promote their product since quite a while before starting to produce it.when we speak about promote we have to know that includes:advertisement,free samples and special prices.

-Advertising can be done on television or radio, in newspapers or magazines…but for "small business" this ways are not very accesible.In some countries the cost of advertising on the radio has dicreased.This item helps to this "small business" whit few resources.advertising can be an expensive investment and perhaps it will not get results.Is very important to know for who is destinate each product.

-If whe analized the idea of free samples whe will see that can be very profitable.This technique is especially useful for new products.When people go to stores the employer should take the opportunity to deliver product samples, in order to prove that.Is also very risky because this technique does not cover the costs of produce and also applies to the price reduction.

-The price cut may seem a bit strange but it is a very good way of promoting a product.but the employer needs to inform the public what it is doing.The lowering of prices should be accompanied by promotion and publicity.But whe have to remeber that there are laws that regulate this item.

-To conclude I want to give importance to know for what kind people the information gone.

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