Companies use different alternatives in order to promote their brands or products.

The first and most outstanding option are advertisements. They can be both on television, radio, internet, newspapers or magazines and even in shelters or posters in the fa├žades of the buildings so that they reach as many people as possible. However, advertisements are very expensive.

The second alternative for promotion is sponsorship. It can be done by two means:
-By celebrating an event, which can be cultural, artistic or related to a sport, or
-By making famous people, such as an actor or a footballer, sponsor the product, in order to buyers associate the brand with the celebrity.
The advantages and disadvantages here are the same as those in advertisements. Although it brings prestige to the brand, it is also expensive.

The third way to promote a product consists of organising events. It does not reach as many purchasers as the other options but generates consumer loyalty.

Specific actions can also be carried out, such as a food tasting event in a supermarket, so that people who like the product can buy it.

Finally, the last method would be straight marketing, which involves advertising in your letterbox. It is not expensive, but people do not usually open this kind of letters.

Companies must know which alternative fits better with their strategy considering their objectives and possibilities.

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