Nowadays, a wide range of methods can be used to promote products. The brand is also one of the most important
things that can set you apart from the rest of your competitors.
There are literally thousands of ways to promote products. Here are some of the most effective ones:

-Give away freebies
Giving away something that has a one-time use to let people try it. This is an interesting strategy for make-up or perfume.
In other cases, providing a valuable product with the company’s logo will be even more effective.

-In-store promotion
Setting up permanent or temporary promotions at prestigious stores in order to show a product is up to standard.
Hooking new potential customers is the main target.
The third one is to pay fees in order to have products used in major movies. Even though it is a very expensive
marketing plan, it may also be very profitable. Numerous companies such as Coca-Cola or tobacco brands use it.

-Sponsored events, adverting or packaging are another marketing choice. The main advantage is companies can
adapt their budget to their plan. They can focus on their preferential target or their potential customers.

-The cheapest and most influential way to promote a product is when customers recommend it to someone else.
It is called "word of mouth" marketing. It greatly depends on the quality that the product offers so it also may become
the company´s worst enemy.

In conclusion, although quality is important as well as being well marketed, it is also important that people trust your
company and if they do they will not be hesitant to buy from you. That is why promotion is a very complex process
because a simple mistake can ruin a company’s reputation.

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