Nowadays, a wide range of methods can be used to promote products. The brand is also one of the most important
things that can set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

-Personal selling is one of the four aspects of promotional mix. Personal selling occurs when the seller and the prospective
buyer interact face-to-face and make a sale. Even though it is a really expensive promotional tool, it may also be very
profitable. Therefore, companies do not use it constantly.

-Publicity is the next component that forms the 4P´s. It is refers to free content about your company that appears
in the media. Generally it creates a favorable impression of your product but it may also be harzadous because publicity
is based on what others tnink about you.

-On the other hand, advertising is also a good method to create a positve awareness of your business.
Hooking new potential customers is the main target of this tool. Advertising is something you pay for it.
It usually has less real impact than publicity but it is a cheap option to promote products during the introduction
and growth stage.

Last but not least sales promotions as giving away freebies, coupons or reducing prices between others, are somes
trategies for increasing customer demand. Sales promotions can be directed at the customer, distributors, dealers and
retailers. They are an effective approach to stimulate immediate customer sales.

In conclusion, although quality is important as well as being well marketed, it is also important that people trust
your company and if they do, they will not be hesitant to buy from you. That is why promotion is a very complex
process because a simple mistake can ruin a company’s reputation.

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