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Promotion is a way of showing the life cycle product, and with the product, place and price, composes the “Four Ps” formulation of the marketing mix.

In order to obtain the best operation of a company as far as the promotion one talks about, this one must show all the advantages of their own products, so that the clients can feel attracted by them and those can only be obtained by means of the use of four tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling.

•Advertising is a form to present the clients the advantages and profits of buying its products and with the aim of persuading them purchase it.
This one is carried out by means of the use of newspapers, magazines, or cinema.
But it has some problems: much to spend on advertising (comparative-parity method or a budget at a certain percentage of current sales revenue). excessive advertising can turn out unpleasant to the customers.
3.advertising only can have a huge impact in the public awareness with an enormous cost.
•Public relations try to protect the image of the product using the publicity like tools which usually is cheaper and is more pleasant for the public than the advertising
•Sales promotions is the designed tool to stimulate the product sale.Examples of sales promotions can be coupons or price reductions. The great advantage of these is that using them in a suitable form, they can cause the maturity of the product.
•Personal selling is an effective way to manage personal customer relationships. The sales-stuff acts on behalf of the organization. But the big disadvantage that entails this one is that it is the most expensive tool promotion.

To conclude we can say that the promotion its a very important factor for the company in behalf to know about the new product.

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