In order to generate sales and profits, the company communicate with customers and informs them about the product. This is known as promotion and we are going to study the differents ways to promote.

Firstly, adevertising consists in inform and persuade consumers about the existence and benefits of products. Positives aspects are that it is effective at reaching a big audience. As well it can be important in building awareness. But sometimes it is a high cost for the company..
Then, Public Relations(PR) which is the communication of a product or brand trying to maintain, improve or protect the image of both. The advantages are that it is a cheap way of reaching more customers and it can be seen as more “credible”. Contrary to ad, this can’t reach so many people. Also it is difficult to control what other people say or write about your product.
Sales promotion are temporary techniques to provide incentives at distributors or customers in order to stimulate stronger sales of a product.The application of sales promotion can generate instant results, quick increases. Besides, it stregthens the relationship between manufacturer and retailer. But if the tool is used for a long time, costumers may get used to the effect.
Finally, personal selling is when you have the intention of making a sale and you communicate oraly with potential buyers. The main problem is that it is the most expensive, costly tool. If there are a lot of buyers is not suitable to apply. Nevertheless, it is an excellent way of communication because the customer can see someone representing the firm. Moreover, this permits to develop a relationship with the client and create new products ideas.

As a conclusion, we can see that we have four standard promotional tool.

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