Promotion has a really important role in a company.You may have good products , but if nobody knows them, no one will buy .The success of a company depends on how well the brand is known in the target market. Some ways to promote efficiently products and brands:

The image of the company is significant. For example a company with no business cards or letterhead may give the impresion of a non-serious business.The design of the company logo is normally done by proffesionals.Business cards should be handed in meetings.

Another good way to promote is giving free simples of your products in the selling place.This is a typical way which make sales increase a lot. It might be expensive putting a person there but it worths it. However this tactic is not efficient if it is done for a long period of time.

Running a contest which price is a desirable product from the company is a really good way to promote both products and brands.By doing this you achive two aims:you get advertised in the contest and the public image of the business improves. It can turn out to be expensive.

Making disccounts for turnover.This way to promote has no disadvantage,it is a win-win. Furthermore it gives a huge incentive to buy more;which meansa higher profit.

Giving free merchandising products with the company’s logo.The products must be useful and handy i.e pens.

The famous 2x1 or 3x2 is really effective;the sales will raise espectacularly.

If there is a vehicle in the company put the logo in the sides; this make potencial clients recognise you company’s name.

Gift cards or vouchers is a good way to stimulate sales.

There are many ways to promote; what it is more important isto understand the characteristics of the clients and to be imaginative.

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