There are different ways to promote your company and handle its marketing campaign. Thanks to advances in modern technology nowadays, there are more interesting ways than ever before of getting your company's name into the public eye.

When you choose the right way to promote your products or brands you can make an indelible impression on the minds of your customers and target market. Some of the most common ways of promotion are:advertising, sales promotion, public relations or personal selling.

Advertising is a non-personal form of promotion that is based on selected media channels that requires a high price for message placement. It’s able to reach a big target market which increases the amount of consumers, it has a great persuasive power, and consumers feel they need it. But this way of promotion it’s really expensive, companies usually have to pay high costs to get their advertisements.

In the other hand, we have sales promotion that consist on increasing sales by reducing the prices of the products. Some popular sale promotion activities are merchandising, coupons or price reductions. The most important advantage of this way is that people used to buy more than they had thought before getting into the shop. Every company uses sales promotion techniques at some stage of the product life cycle. The disadvantages are that this strategy is useful only for a while.

Other ways of promotion your product or brands can be personal selling or public relations that pretend to maintain the good name of the company or product .Personal selling is the most expensive of the promotional tools ,however ,most of the new products ideas comes via sales representative.
To sum up, I reckon that companies invert a lot of time thinking of the best way to increase their sales.

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