There are different ways to promote, a product or a brand, used by the companies.
One way is to use advertising. It is use to inform consumers about which is the product that the company is selling and which are the benefits of that product. In my opinion one advantage of advertising is the different options offer you like cinema, radio or TV that’s why before you start you must choose the media you want for your product or brand. Some of the media like TV or radio are more expensive than the others like if you choose a sandwich board man. The most important disadvantage of advertising is that company could be spending a lot of money which is higher than the increase in sales.
Another way is the sales promotion. Sales promotion is different tactics that the company use for increase the sales of a product. Sales promotion is not only aimed to consumers, they are also aimed to retailers, for example. The most important types are in my opinion free samples and price reduction. An advantage of sales promotion is that if the tactic triumph the company will win loyalty whit their clients, the problem is that they could fail and that means a waste of money for the company.
Personal selling is another important way to promote a product and is considerer a very important channel of information between consumers and producers. They are the only person that consumers see, so they must be prepared, being polite and helping the client on what he or she needs that’s why is considerer the most expensive way of promotion.

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