Companies have to develop good products or services, price them attractively, and make them accessibly to their target customers. But this is not enough: they also have to put various promotional tools to generate sales. According to the classification most used advertising is only one of the four standard promotional tools. The others are sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling.
Advertising is the way of presentation and promotion of products, ideas and services. The objetive is inform customers about the product and persuade them to buy. There are a lot of forms such us word-of-mouth (which is the best one), tv, radio, billboard…But how much to spend on advertising is always problematic, that is why companies use different methods to moderate the cost.
Sales promotion are employed for a pre-determined, limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand or improve product availability.
Sales promotions have traditionally been heavily regulated in many advanced industrial nations, with the notable exception of the United State. Most European countries also have controls on the scheduling and permissible types of sales promotions, as they are regarded in those countries as bordering upon unfair business practices.
Public relations (abbreviated to PR) are concerned with maintaining, improving or protecting the image of a company or product, with the purpose of keeping good relations and build goodwill. The role of PR is to identify the relevant publics and influence their opinion, by means of promotional videos, consumer exhibitons, competitions…We must have in bill front groups– organizations that purport to serve a public cause while actually serving the interests of a client whose sponsorship may be obscured or concealed.
Personall selling is oral communication with potential buyers with the intention of making a sale. It is a face-to-face activity; so customers can obtain a relatively high degree of personal attention, while the company finds out the needs of customers. The main disadvantage is the cost of employing a sales force. Sales people, adding to pay package and the equipment are really expensive.

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