Companies can use several diferent ways to promote their products,always attending to the type and amount of people they are aiming to.The most efficient ways of promotion are those that can get to the knowledge of the largest amount of people.
In first place the most popular way of promoting products is the television since it has a mass audience and a lot of people will get to know the product but it has the problem that is very expensive.
In second place it could be the newspaper since its a cheaper way of promotion and people pay more attention when they read,but on the contrary it will get to less people and the pictures are not very colourful.
Another way of promotion is the magazine wich has a better quality of the images and people often read them several times,but it doesnt get to the knowledge of too many people since magazines often are quite expensive.
The radio is also a popular way of promoting products since its similar to the tv in the way that people can hear it all around the country but it doesnt create the same effect to the audience because you cant see the product they promote.
Nowadays internet is also becoming a very popular way of promoting products since its an extremely cheap way of comunication and people have the oportunity to buy the products at the moment,the disadvantage is that many old people dont know how to use computers and there is also many people that dont have internet yet.
These ways of promotion are just a few of the most popular and effective ways,there are many more ways that can be cheaper but they get to the knowledge of less public and therefore they could be less effective,such as the billboard or the sandwich board man.

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