Companies have to use promotional tools to generate sales. There are different ways of promoting.
For example, one way is publicity, that consists on any mention of a company`s products in any medium read, heard or view be a company`s customers. It is use to attract the attention to a product or service. The advantages of publicity are that it has less cost than advertising and has a higher impact, but this advantage can be turn to a great disadvantage if the publicity damage the image of the company.
Another promotional tool could be to offer free samples, coupons and price reductions, between others…These are temporary tactics used by companies to increase their sales in a small period of time. This strategy has many advantages, for example, it is used to create loyalty, or to sell the items that haven`t been sold in the las season, or to entry in a different kind of market. But after this temporary sales promotions the company has to cover the money that have been invested in this promotional tactics by increasing or not decreasing the level of sales the company had had during the sales promotions.
And finally, the last way of promoting is the personal selling, wich function is to assist customers , resolve their possible questions about the products, and give information about them, in order to try to sell the product. The advantage of this method is that the customers can ask and be advised by one prepared pearson of the company who can convince them to buy the company´s product. But the main disadvantage of this practice is its high cost, it is the most expensive way of promoting.

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