Promotion is one of the “4Ps” elements, the best-known classification considered in marketing. A company has to develop their product or brand awareness, in other words the success of a company depends on how well the brand is known in the target market.

The main concept of marketing is that “You don’t sell what you make, you make what you will bought”
Promotion group together with advertising, publicity, sales promotion and personal selling are ways to inform consumers about the product’s existence, its advantages and so on.
Marketers have to decide which promotional tool will use to inform about a product that has been launched.

First of all, advertising which aim is to persuade consumers to buy the product. There are different ways of advertising: newspaper, radio, sponsorship, TV…but the best way is word-of-mouth advertising; when a friend tells another about the advantages of a product that she or he has bought.

Secondly, public relations it is use to maintain, to protect and improve the image of a company or product. Publicity is the most important element that has a huge impact on consumers also it is not paid for in any medium and hasn’t got an enormous cost. In addition publicity is more credibly than advertising.

Thirdly, sales promotion are tactics or strategic like reducing prize, free samples, stimulate sales…in order to attract people to your store or trying to sell a particular product. The disadvantage is that the duration is temporary.

Finally, personal selling is the most expensive tool and it can be combined with advertising. Personal selling is a face to face activity, costumers therefore obtain a relatively high degree of personal attention, but the main disadvantaged is the cost of the sales force.

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