There are four different ways companies use to promote their products or brands: advertising,sales promotion,public relations and personal selling.

The first way, advertising , informs customers of the benefits of the product they sell. It is a very cheap and useful way if it becomes word-of-mouth advertising. The negative point of it is,probably, the costs of advertising using an agency which will promote the product.

The second way,sales promotion;on one hand we can see it in: price reductions,discounts for buying large quantities,etc. that will increase your incomes , on the other hand you will not earn money you could win if you sell it at the original price.

The third way, public relations,is concerned in the protection of the image of the product. The most important element of public relations is publicity, which is any mention of a company┬┤s product that is not paid for view or heard by customers. Publicity can have a huge impact on public,a prove of it is that,people prefer to read publicity than advertising. A negative view is that companies can use a damaging publicity that could give a bad image of your product if they compared any characteristic of their product with yours.

The fourth way, personal selling, spread information about the product assisting customers with technical problems and give a personal treat that will show a better image of the product. But there is a problem with this type of tool, the personal selling is the most expensive way to promote products, this is because the company must have a lot employees so they can give the personal treat.

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