Companies, in order to rise their sales, need different promotional tools. That is to say companies have to do something to win and attract customers to their products or services. These mayor promotional tools are: advertising, sales promotions, public relations (PR) and personal selling.

Advertising is one of the promotional tools already mentioned that persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume a particular brand of product or service. Most of the advertisements are designed to increase consumption of those products through the brand image, brand stretching or through ''word-of-mouth'' advertising (companies do not need advertising agencies because people tell other people about their products).

Sales promotions is an other example of how companies increase their sales. Companies, to promote their sales, often do price reductions, coupons or they give free samples in order to encouraged the customer to buy some products and services that would never buy without one of these sale promotion.

Public relations (often abbreviated to PR): with PR companies gain audience using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. It seems that customers are more attracted by the tool of publicity than by advertising.

The most expensive promotional tool is named as ''personal selling'' because an employee of the company (it is usually just one but can be more employees working for this department) deals with customers and gives them all the information the customer need or is asking for about the company it-self or about the products or services are being sold.

To sum up, advertising, PR, sales promotions and personal selling are the best ways to rise up company's sales. But a company usually hires an other one to promote its products.

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