The companies can use different or several ways to promote his products. This activity is very important for the company since better all that is the promotion, will have more sales and therefore the benefits were increased.
The promotion must be trustworthy, clear and convincing in order that it attracts a great number of people.

A way of promoting the product is across the newspaper which is published every day is a rapid and concise way of promising to be. The disadvantage is that the printing is a minor quality, and often in black and white, depends on the newspaper. Another form similar to the newspaper but with colour is the magazine, it is more expensive that the newspaper.

Another form is the television from his birth in Spain in 1959 we have seen different promotions of products. The announcements last an average of a minute the advantage of the television is his hearing, and the disadvantage is that it was announcing of this form is very expensive.

Other way is the radio we can listen from any place and hour. This way is cheaper than the television but the disadvantages are that the radio is not visual. It has less hearing than the television.

In the last years improving itself to buy products for Internet it is an easy way, rapid and simple to buy any thing. The disadvantage is that not all the persons have internet and the people believe that it is not a trustworthy way of payment.

All these things serve to promote the brands and his products help to the companies in order that his products are known and to increasing his sales.

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