Companies have to promote their products in an effective way if they want to sell them even if the product or service has a good price and quality.
Nowadays, the four standard promotional tools that companies can use to promote their products are: advertising, sales promotions, public relations and personal selling.
At first, advertising: it consists on persuading potential customers to consume a product or service. The are different types of advertising like word-of-mouth, which is probably the best, institutional advertising and many others.To promote the product companies can use lot of advertising media: T.V., radio, magazines, newspapers, internet, video games, sponsorship, billboards… It has the disadvantage that companies use to hire an advertising agency which make it more expensive.
Secondly, promotions:it´s a tool designed to stimulate either earlier or stronger sales of a product using free samples, price reductions, competitions, coupons…It has the advantage of catching the customer attention.
Thirdly, public relations which mantains, improves or protect the image of the company or the product. Publicity is the most important element of PR and it has the advantage that it´s not paid and it is able to cause more consciousness.
Finally, personal selling:persuasive communication between a representative of a company and one or more prospective customers, designed to influence the person´s or group´s purchase decision.It it is the most uncommon promotional tool because it has the disadvantage of the price which is very high.It also has advantages like the personal assistance to the customer and the ideas borned in many cases from sales representatives.

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