There are four principal promotional tools: advertisement, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling. Marketers have to decide what tools are the best for their product or company.

Advertisement. The most common is in the media: like newspaper, magazine, television, radio…you should know what is your target customers, to advertise your product in the best medium. The principal advantage is that all these tools are seen for many people, some of them are expensive and many small and medium companies can´t afford them. Hoarding, bus station, underground are very common ways to advertise. Many people see it but most of us don´t focus in that. You would need a bright advertisement to achieve that. Internet is nowadays one of the best tools to promote your brand if you have high knowledges about your target and clear objectives about what do you want to get.

Sales promotion. You can do some supply, free samples or give some present when somebody buy the product, but these are temporary tactics. In the stablieshments your products are near to another similar ones and you have to try to difference your product. Another way to difference your product is from prices: very cheaper, very expensive, using psychological price; from make: brand products; packaging, using bright colours, pretty wrapping…

Personal selling. Salespeople help customers, they say information about product and company, and it is a way to company to know what customers want.

Public relations. Publicity is the most important element to promotion. Maybe the best way is when your product is the talk of the town. Information “travels” very fast, and it is one of the most efficient ways to promote a product, and it is free. But it could be a problem, people can say wrong characteristics, or bad opinions about you.

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