What different ways can use companies to promote their products?
There are different tools and ways to make known your brand or product.
A company has to developt product or brand awareness to potential customers and a company must inform abour product´s advantages, benefits, caracteristics…
Marketers decide which tools are the best tactics to aim the product at markets, for example: advertising,public relacions, sales promotion or personal selling.
Public relations is relationed with the image of the company or brand, it uses publicity as a very important element because sometimes publicity has a huger impact than advertising. We know that because there are several studies that confirm customers believe more in what publicity says than in advertising.
Another way to promote your brand or product is sales promotion, for me is the best way to make it known because you have a direct contact with customers and you can see how he reacts. It consists of price reductions, coupons, free samples…and so on.
Personal selling is another way to promote, the disadventage is the enormous cost for the company, it is usually used as a complement of advertising , I must say it has a big adventage: you can recieve information from customers to create new products.
Advertising is the most popular way to inform customers about the existence of your company. There are different advertising medium to make it known: billboards, sandwich board man, TV..etc.
A company usually contracts another company to promote their products because the second company is a specialist and they have the adecuated resources to do it well and the company who wants to promote the brand probably doesn´t know the best via to aim products at customers.

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