There are many different ways in which a company can promote a product. Prior to doing any promotion, you have to know your product, your competitors, and your target market. Knowing these will enable you to determine the most appropriate marketing plan. A marketing plan has different steps that a company must consider when throwing its product or brand to the market. Once the company has made the studio of the product, they can choose different paths to advertise their product such as television, internet, radio, sponsorship, magazines and others.
Even though television might be an expensive way of advertising a product, it is very profitable because it is a media that many people see during the day and therefore people become aware of the product.
The internet is probably the cheapest but that doesn’t mean it’s the worst way of advertising a product. The great thing about a website is that you can be as creative as you like in promoting your product. Also, nowadays people are getting more used to using computers so they are more in contact with the internet than they were some years ago.
The radio is very similar to the television with the only difference that you can’t see the image of the product and therefore its probably cheaper.
A sponsorship consists on representing a brand in a mass act so that those people get to know the brand. Nowadays sponsorships are becoming more in fashion.
Magazines are also commonly used by companies because it is an easy way of advertising a product.
The main goal of adeverstising a product is to inform consumers about the existance of a product and to persuade them to buy it. When deciding what product to buy, consumers take into consideration the price and cuality of the product.

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