This text is an article published in "The Economist print edition" on November 6, 2008. The author informs us about what can suppose networks(Facebook,MySpace) for companies as British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. We notice that it can have a negative effect, being a source of damaging publicity, or a positive impact, being useful marketing tools.
We observe that some crew members don't use networks properly. In fact, they decided to post prejudicial comments about passengers and firms, even comparing planes with "cockroaches"! For this reason Virgin fired 13 of them. As a result of this, British Airways started investigations in order to change staff's behaviour.
The image of those popular companies can be hurted. Indeed, as we see, posting this can be a public-relation disaster. Consequently, they put disciplinary measures. Without authorisation, personnel can't post information about the firm. This text emphasizes the important repercussion of social networks as information can arrive to a big number of persons.
In the last paragraph, the main idea is the control of the managers in online activity. Basically, they search the respect of the rules. According to Gomes, is essential for the companies to frequent "online watering holes" (where people exchange opinions) if they want to prevent networks' problems.

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