A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos

Internet is an effective way of making the information get to the target costumers. But, at the same time, some companies are realizing that networks can also carry serious problems.

Virgin Atlantic discovered that some employees had been complaining about safety rules and insulting passengers in Facebook. They had used contemptuous terms, such us cockroaches and “chavs”, to describe airline costumers. In addition, British Airways noticed that several crew members had been making comments, saying that passengers were “smelly” and “annoying”.

The discussed behaviour of the staff makes as doubt about whether the education they receive in these companies is good and enough. Virgin defends that there are different methods through which employees problems can be solved. BA says there is a policy, employees have signed, that does not allow them to post information related with the company online. Companies should insist on guidelines.

Both airlines did not discover the problem until there was a press report and passengers complained. Therefore, one of the solutions is to supervise online activity in order to control that employees respect the rules.

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