This text tries to criticize those people who use Internet to make mockery of other people, with the example of two airline companies. When I say Internet, I mean those kind of pages where you can upload pictures and comments of whatever you want, and everybody can see them.

What happened with these two companies (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic), is that some of their employees have been discovered uploading derogatory comments about the passengers of the plane, questioning the security systems or even publicizing some unhygienic. These companies try to excuse themselves by blaming their staff, because they sign a document where they say that they cannot public any information either of the company or the clients without authorisation. Although the companies say it’s theirs employees fault, the text also tries to explain that the firm should have educate them on a good way of using the internet.

The author of the text wants to prevent people of using internet on a way that can damage other people, and ends up with the phrase: “Prevention is undoubtedly better than cure, but firms that spot problems early could end up with less egg on their faces”, which means that we should think things better before doing them, and don’t upload things that will morally hurt other people.

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