The article Loosing Face, posted November 6th on the Economist print edition, refers to employees from British Airways and Virgin Atlantic (two important international airlines) who have been fired due to comentaries posted on public internet forums such as Facebook or MySpace. "Some airline customers may not be fragrant paragons of exquisite taste, but attacking them online is a public-relations (PR) disaster that raises the question of whether the two firms have done enough to educate staff about acceptable use of the internet." As the thesis statement says, the article criticizes that it is not correct to make comentaries on problems that clients of these airlines may have, such as being smelly or having a bad taste. The use of these social networks may cause important damaging publicity and public relation problems to these companies that have workers who disqualify the passsengers. Last, but not least, the article attacks the policies these companies have in order to educate their workers, and gathers declarations of the companies, like for example BA, that says that employees sign policies that forbids them to post information online without authorisation.

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