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A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos.

As well as embracing blogs, firms have been exploiting social networks such us Facebook and My Space to get their messages to a broader audience. But also networks can be a source of damaging publicity, as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic have discovered to their cost.

13 of Virgin´s cabin crew were fired because they posted disparaging comments about its team and picked on some of the passengers on a Facebook forum, also, some crew members joked that some Virgin planes were infested of cockroaches.
On November 3rd, BA investigated some employee’s behaviour that picked on some passengers in Facebook postings.

BA says employees have established a policy that forbids them from publishing information about the firm online without authorisation. Virgin shows that it has own channels through which staff can let off steam.

Managers have to check that rules are accomplished by monitoring activities online. Virgin discovered that employees only post when the passengers complained and when they became furious. It’s better to prevent problems than to solve them.

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