The article "A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos" from The Economist print edition,talks about how two companies (British Airways ang Virgin Atlantic) have found damaging information in networks such as Facebook an MySpace.
On October 31st, crew members of Virgin Atlantic posted some comments about its safety on a forum.On November 3rd employees were investigated because of their bad behaviour.
All these problems makes people to think if the education that employees have received in both of the firms has been enough.British Airways says that there is a policy that forbids give information about the firm without specific authorisation and also,Virgin indicates that an internal channel doesn´t permit frustrations. Aedhmar Hynes,the boss of the text 100, have warned about the importance to have guidelines.
To finish with,managers have to watch over their employees,to ensure these rules are respected.All this to avoid what happened in Virgin where managers realized when customers complained.So,as the text says,"prevention is much better than cure".

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