companies and social networks1


Virgin Atlantic and British Airways (BA) use social networks such as Facebook and MySpace to comunicate their information to a broader audience.
In first moment they think that can be useful, but this networks can also be source of prejudicing publicity.
Several employees attacking airline customers, and do this action in public is a disaster that increase the question of if the two firms explain about the correct use of internet and punish about the inappropriate use of internet.
For to do your bit, the managers need to monitor online activity closely to ensure that rules are respected.

On October 31st Virgin Atlantic fired 13 of its cabin crew because they don´t respected the rules, they do unpleasant remarks about its safety standards and some of its passengers.
They moan on Facebook, however Virgin said that have a internal channels where the staff can moan.

The second airline is British Airways, where on November 3rd began investigating employees who had described passengers with degoratory remarks, for example “smelly” and “annoying”, force at the employees of this firm to sign a document that forbids them to inform about the firm online.

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