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I´m going to talk about La Redoute, whose URL is:

This is a team of creators that offer a selection of garments, colours, ideas so that the clients can get dressed however they want, in an exclusive and different way, so this web is aimed at consumers that are interested on fashion.

In this web you can follow the last news on fashion and the most exclusive brands, buy online or by a catalogue that can be requested in this web, know the prices of the different products and also you can ask for doubts related to the order, devolutions and changes.

This web offers a variety of products; from clothes for women, men and children till products for decoration and for home, also it advertise sport clothes.

What is surprising of this web is that, you can know everything about fashion without spending money, for example on buying magazines etc, so you can get the information you are interested at from the distance, you can buy the products that you want online without moving from home, and what is more, they offer 6000 articles to sell and a catalogue with more than 700 pages.
This web is the best to people don´t have time to go shopping.
La Redoute mind the quality and despite of the difficulty that has the buy of garments without touching them, there you can find lots of pictures of the articles with a very detailed description.

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