internet advertisement5461

1.-What is the URL?

2.-Who is the site aimed at?

It is aimed at anyone who wants to post an advert on facebook.

3.-What can they do there?

They can advertise their products and aim the advertisement specifically at their target customers, since facebook provides a wide range of information not only about potential customers’ whereabouts but also about their interests and hobbies.

4.-What type of content does it content?

It has the information and the steps necessary to create an advert on facebook webpage, but at the same time it is itself an advertisement aimed at those who are interested in advertising their own products or services.

5.-Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?

I consider that facebook is a very intelligent medium of advertisement. First of all, because it has probably become the most visited social net all around the world, so it has a large number of users and consequently, a large number of future customers.
Secondly, because due to facebook nature it is very easy to find and recognise the target customers either by age, gender, location, hobbies, etc. What is more, once the advert is created you can follow its development with real time reporting and make any convenient change in order to increase its efficiency.
Thirdly, given that it is a virtual advert, it is easy and cheap to create it considering the enormous public it is aimed at.
Finally, you can increase your ad’s importance by adding social events that are related to it in order to catch the customers’ attention.
All in all, I think that facebook represents a very appropriate way of advertisement not only because anyone can use it, but also because of its great efficiency.

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