There are many ways to finance your business,but just a few can work out!
In fact,many companies think about the way to access to capital.This capital could some times enable the business to add employees and resources to serve clients and contracts.There are many ways of finanancing a company but here are some options available.

First of all,Angel Investors wich are an excellent source of financing are focused on investments for a long time,five years or more,and for a small amount,$1 million,more or less.By contrast,Venture Capitalist will focus on high-growth industries and the amount will rarely be less than $5 million.
Secondly,Commercial loans are very attractive because they don´t need entrepreneurs to turn over equity or company control.This loans are some times unaccessable by some companies,as they need a operating history an a secure.
On the other hand,there are small business administration loans,for companies that can´t obtain commercial loans.This companies have to show cash flows sufficient to repay the loan.
In addition,home equity loans are a cost-effective alternative to other types of loans because they offer the best interest rates available.However,you may not want to risk your family house to launch your business.
Thirdly,cash advances from credit cards are an easy and quick way to gain access to cash but this way can be very expensive source of funding.Companies should use this method very cautiously.
Forthly,equipment leasing give you access to many types of equipment without spending your cash or credit,but leasing generally proves more costly than buying in the long run.

Finally,every company should carefully consider the way of financing and the risks involved in each way.

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